Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
Count-in only effective if rewinding without stopping active 0 8 years
Shadow note in Note Entry not aligned with existing note active 0 8 years
Stems, hooks/flags, and beams not selected after paste or repeat active 9 1 year
The plugin framework should avoid the use of the same object in different score active 1 11 years
Mirrored notehead stem alignment active 1 8 months
Crash when adjusting pitch of a particular note active 7 6 years
Pedal not working over repeats active 8 7 years
Chords did not change down and up all strings in tabulatur active 3 7 years
Controls in Staff Text Properties non-intuitive active 0 7 years
No sound in MuseScore 2.0.1 on windows, due to wrong preferences active 1 6 years
Musescore mistakenly suspends pulseaudio on Ubuntu active 4 8 years
Out of range note doesn't highlight when dragging element onto it active 3 7 years
The navigator and the "display position" are not updated when deleting all measures active 0 7 years
MacOS Build : 'build.xcode' folder is not an Xcode package - should be renamed active 0 8 years
Literal <br/> in Chinese translation. active 1 8 years
[Capella import] Triplets active 16 2 years
Cannot turn measures invisible in parts needs info 7 1 year
Problems with iOS Songbook interface not following system language active 5 6 years
Default size of Mixer window should accommodate instrument list active 2 9 years
Key / Time Signature Courtesy option (and delete) ineffective with Multimeasure Rests active 11 6 months
Staccato wedges (Staccatissimo). Flipping direction bug active 0 6 years
Grace note flag cut off by fret masking active 0 7 years
Save As vrs. Save Part As active 0 3 years
Problem with playback velocity with dynamics and hairpins active 11 6 years
Regression? Note grouping interface absent active 0 8 years