Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Update Copyright statements in Code Files active 1 9 months
Courtesy key and time signatures incorrectly positioned at line break active 1 7 years
No option to add, translate or edit How To's, Tutorials, FAQs, or Plugins active 9 3 years
Images in title frames don't always propagate to parts active 8 1 year
[EPIC] Items that cause entire score to be redrawn active 0 11 months
grace note after collides with grace note before next note active 2 6 years
Black note head in drum palette active 6 8 years
[MusicXML] Import/export hidden staves active 6 4 months
Default paper size is A4 instead of letter active 7 7 months
Applying palette line to multi-voice staff displays only Voice 1 anchor positions active 0 6 years
Changing Display -> Show {Invisible|Unprintable|Frames|Page Margins} doesn't mark score dirty active 10 8 years
Bends collide active 0 8 years
Instrument Changes: add ability to change back to a previous instrument active 19 9 months
Brackets of nested tuplets collide active 3 1 year
Importing MusicXML does not assign instrument ranges from instruments.xml active 9 1 year
Allow Navigator to be docked or floating active 3 5 years
Embedded score from not playing correctly on Facebook needs info 8 6 years
incorrectly "remember" prior length of segment when toggling mm-rests and changing barline type active 0 5 years
"Export Parts" should convert the filename as per the same rules as the new score wizard active 1 6 years
No plug-in manual from Plugin Creator under Linux (Mint?) needs info 4 5 years
Importing MIDI or Capella files can create corrupted or empty measures active 3 1 year
Show Time Signature on part causes crash active 8 6 years
Undo of F2 command does not return tab notes to original strings active 4 1 year
Second dragged slur not selected active 9 6 years
MuseScore Freezes When Opening A File active 3 6 years