Developers' handbook

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    Use the TOC above. Don't mind the broken Outline on the right (if you see one), is old and admin is too busy so it is not maintained anymore.

    Feel free to adjust any content or add child pages. For more information about how to add pages etc., see the Administrative guidelines.

    Developers of main app use the wiki on now. The main section below still contains useful info.
    Developers of plugins use the plugin section below
    Developers of MuseScore 3.x compatible soundfont use the soundfont section below

    Stay Close


    Getting started


    Compile instructions (All Platforms)

    IDE Configuration

    Finding your way around

    Packaging for different Operating Systems

    UX Design

    Plugin development

    Soundfont, MIDI velocity and instruments.xml

    Useful topics (maybe outdated)

    MuseScore 4


    Release notes