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So, 8 May 2021
 (diff) (hist) 00:01 Book Comparison of stable, beta, and development versionsupravené redding658
Št, 21 January 2021
 (diff) (hist) 06:50 Book Comparison of stable, beta, and development versionsupravené JLWaltener
FR translation update to the latest US page and converted to Markdown.
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Št, 15 October 2020
 (diff) (hist) 12:50 Book Comparison of stable, beta, and development versionsupravené igor.korsukov
So, 11 April 2020
 (diff) (hist) 03:07 Book Comparison of stable, beta, and development versionsupravené Philzen
Fix a typo ("canditate")
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So, 28 March 2020
 (diff) (hist) 22:33 Book Create New Scoreupravené xecherie
Št, 27 February 2020
 (diff) (hist) 14:21 Book MuseScore product descriptionupravené Ximich
 (diff) (hist) 14:20 Book Dynamicsupravené Ximich
 (diff) (hist) 14:20 Book Share scores onlineupravené Ximich
 (diff) (hist) 14:20 Book Handbook for MuseScore 1upravené Ximich
 (diff) (hist) 13:52 Book MuseScore product descriptionupravené Ximich
Pi, 31 January 2020
 (diff) (hist) 08:56 Book Handbook for MuseScore 1upravené JLWaltener
to be in line withe the name of yhe handbook 3
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Št, 30 January 2020
 (diff) (hist) 11:01 Book Handbook for MuseScore 1moved Jojo-Schmitz
Pi, 8 November 2019
 (diff) (hist) 10:45 Book Create New Scoreupravené laurasoto
Št, 24 October 2019
 (diff) (hist) 01:43 Book Pluginsupravené David Copperfield
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Po, 19 August 2019
 (diff) (hist) 03:29 Book Cross staff beamingupravené David Copperfield
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Ne, 28 April 2019
 (diff) (hist) 23:05 Book Voicesupravené Roman Kuznetsov
Pi, 7 December 2018
 (diff) (hist) 17:36 Handbook Dynamicsupravené neGjodsbol
Po, 3 December 2018
 (diff) (hist) 00:05 Handbook Inspector and object propertiesupravené my9335ny
So, 1 December 2018
 (diff) (hist) 19:23 Handbook Open/Save/Export/Printupravené mirabilos
Document en‑/disabling the slow thumbnailer in the Open dialogue
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Pi, 23 November 2018
 (diff) (hist) 16:00 Handbook Text editingupravené geetar
Turned off "Display" for images.
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Pi, 2 November 2018
 (diff) (hist) 12:55 Handbook Text editingupravené 강민지
So, 8 September 2018
 (diff) (hist) 05:12 Handbook SoundFonts and SFZ filesupravené Gootector
St, 22 August 2018
 (diff) (hist) 08:17 Handbook SoundFonts and SFZ filesupravené Luk4sXeycs
[一个可能会有很多问题的版本] Nah~只是试翻,除了某些特别晦涩的词,没用翻译软件(虽然我觉得翻译软件可能都比我翻的好XwX) 第一次尝试翻译网页,某些码可能不懂,看的有点乱,可能有漏翻错翻需要完善 PS:我其实没用过这个软件啦XD 不会做音乐,只是闲暇时间翻译一下 如果有英语专业的dalao翻译一下,感激不尽啦,我只是个15岁的初中生呢0w0
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Ut, 31 July 2018
 (diff) (hist) 20:04 Handbook Command line optionsupravené SlowRabbit
St, 11 July 2018
 (diff) (hist) 15:18 Handbook Text editingupravené SlowRabbit
Generate a table of contents
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So, 7 July 2018
 (diff) (hist) 13:54 Handbook New features in MuseScore 2upravené Jojo-Schmitz
Po, 2 July 2018
 (diff) (hist) 20:19 Handbook Master paletteupravené geetar
Ne, 1 July 2018
 (diff) (hist) 10:34 Handbook Chord symbolsupravené geetar
Updated images. Tidyied up text.
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Pi, 29 June 2018
 (diff) (hist) 10:38 Handbook Chord symbolsupravené geetar
Correction, clarification.
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Št, 28 June 2018
 (diff) (hist) 13:17 Handbook Command line optionsupravené Jojo-Schmitz
Po, 18 June 2018
 (diff) (hist) 10:08 Handbook Preferencesupravené geetar
Updated "Export" tab image.
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So, 9 June 2018
 (diff) (hist) 18:41 Handbook Share scores onlineupravené Shoichi
 (diff) (hist) 13:12 Handbook Fretboard diagramsupravené SlowRabbit
Ut, 5 June 2018
 (diff) (hist) 09:53 Handbook Repeats and jumpsupravené geetar
Added images to "Markers."
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Ne, 3 June 2018
 (diff) (hist) 15:11 Handbook Repeats and jumpsupravené geetar
Pi, 25 May 2018
 (diff) (hist) 15:29 Handbook Lyricsupravené Jojo-Schmitz
St, 23 May 2018
 (diff) (hist) 17:37 Handbook Glossaryupravené geetar
Uploaded new acciaccatura image. Seems to fit OK.
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 (diff) (hist) 10:19 Handbook Glossaryupravené Jojo-Schmitz
@geetar: see
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 (diff) (hist) 09:53 Handbook Glossaryupravené geetar
English lang. links only. Images don't format correctly so can be left out.
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 (diff) (hist) 04:42 Handbook Glossaryupravené Shoichi
Test element inserted in the score and use of the 'Stamp' button
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Ut, 22 May 2018
 (diff) (hist) 05:41 Handbook Replace pitches without changing rhythmsupravené Jojo-Schmitz
Ne, 6 May 2018
 (diff) (hist) 14:20 Handbook Beamsupravené Jojo-Schmitz
St, 2 May 2018
 (diff) (hist) 16:13 Handbook Lyricsupravené mike320
Ut, 1 May 2018
 (diff) (hist) 17:16 Handbook Share scores onlineupravené Jojo-Schmitz
Po, 30 April 2018
 (diff) (hist) 12:43 Handbook Text editingupravené Jojo-Schmitz
 (diff) (hist) 12:36 Handbook Lyricsupravené Jojo-Schmitz
 (diff) (hist) 10:56 Handbook Lyricsupravené Jojo-Schmitz
 (diff) (hist) 10:34 Handbook Lyricsupravené geetar
Rearranged and condensed Synalepha text.
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 (diff) (hist) 09:15 Handbook Lyricsupravené Jojo-Schmitz
Ne, 22 April 2018
 (diff) (hist) 10:22 Handbook Viewing and navigationupravené Jojo-Schmitz