Issues for MuseScore

Title Status 升序 Priority Version Replies Last updated
[Musicxml Export] - Unable to export score in concert pitches active 3.6 2 1年
"Reset positions" on 2.x import should (?) also reset shape adjustments to slurs active P1 - High 3.0 11 4年
Slides, Hammerons and Pulloffs not marked in tab active 1 8年
remove non-functional "Allow Diagonal" property for Note-Anchored Line active P2 - Medium 3.6 5 1年
New Shortcut names and Ui active 3.0 1 4年
The blue rectangle in the navigator should snap to page edges active 0 8年
PDF handbook generation stopped working active 3.6 2 8個月
Importing attached Midi file assigns wrong time signature active P2 - Medium 3.0 8 3年
Instrument names of MusicXML mispositioned in Continuous View active 2 3年
"Loop" flags should update anytime the user changes the selection active 3.6 6 6個月
Symbol added to the End text of a diagonal LINE becomes detached active 3.4 0 3年
[Feedback form] Tremolo playback active P1 - High 3.0 2 4年
Add ability to add lyrics to grace notes active P1 - High 11 6個月
[MusicXML] support part-name-display active 3.6 1 1年
[EPIC] MuseScore General (HQ) Soundfont issues active 3.4 0 3年
Improve score audio by allowing custom releases of soundfont during playback active 3.0 0 4年
Adding new measures does not update the maximum value for position slider in Play panel active P1 - High 1 4年
Ctrl + Scroll Zooms in Unusably Large Steps active 4.x-dev 0 1年
Plugin API: annotations in MusicXML file have blank text active 3.4 1 3年
When you are playing, the piano keyboard dosn`t show the keys active 3.0 0 4年
Repeat doesn't immediately enter fret mark on next rest active 2 8年
Playback Scrubs crash active 3.6 2 1年
Musicxml: use direction offset tag during export (and import) active 3.0 25 3年
Chords did not change down and up all strings in tabulatur active 3 8年
Lyrics in one voice affect hypen positions in other voices active 2.1 6 6年