Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Sort descending Priority Version Replies Last updated
Slurs between grace notes and full notes disappear after time signature change active 3.0 7 3 Jahren
Text alignment in vertical frames: allow specifying text reference point (e.g. baseline) and frame reference point (e.g. bottom) separately active 3.6 0 ein Jahr
Demo files are converted from previous versions of MuseScore and are not laid out correctly active 2.1 12 7 Jahren
Positive feedback needed when Apply is clicked in the Staff/Part Properties active 3.4 0 3 Jahren
[EPIC] Fretboard diagram issues active 3.0 18 4 Jahren
Output device problem active 3.6 1 ein Jahr
Option to show/hide courtesy displayed for courtesy time signature after edit active 1 8 Jahren
Musehub stops downloading if you change the download directory in the middle of a download active 4.0 4 ein Jahr
The accent on the accent-staccato also doesn't look the same as a regular accent active 3.5 1 3 Jahren
[Feedback Form] 'Rewind to start position' keeps first note selected active P1 - High 3.0 0 5 Jahren
More flexible score navigation: Jumps, Volta, etc. active 3.6 0 ein Jahr
Synth window: Save to/Load from Score and Set as/Load Default does not save metronome volume. active 3.0 10 4 Jahren
Feature: ability to change frame text via plugin API active 3.6 1 ein Jahr
Stems length of beamed notes change with layout active 2 8 Jahren
Fix accidentals on enharmonics after 8va line active 3.5 2 3 Jahren
Make page margins outline bolder active P2 - Medium 3.0 1 4 Jahren
Footer text collected from MusicXML credit words shows added syntax from in MuseScore 2.0 active 1 8 Jahren
[MusicXML import] lyrics with duplicate numbers are not imported active 3.5 0 3 Jahren
lag when listening back active 4.x-dev 0 ein Jahr
Two staves, one hidden—barline shown at beginning of each line until relayout forced active 6 ein Jahr
Cross-staffed notes may collide with rests active 3.5 2 3 Jahren
MuseScore 4 Does Not Open When Steelseries GG Sonar is Open active 4.x-dev 3 9 Monaten
Tablature shown as treble staff in "Instruments" when Clef is hidden active 2 7 Jahren
Provide option of filling measures with rests with or without augmentation dots active 3.5 3 3 Jahren
When navigator is on the graphic update is very slow active 3.0 13 2 Jahren