Wait... Is muse score no longer free???

• Jan 21, 2020 - 16:54

Okay. I wanted to download some music as it has been a while since I have played anything. Anyways, I logged on and found some sheet music. I clicked download then PDF. It said to get a PRO Trial to download the music. I needed to pay? Am i doing something wrong, or is musescore no longer free?


The MuseScore score editing program is always free. But the score sharing web site MuseScore.com does require a subscription for download of copyrighted music - the copyright owners need to be paid somehow. But for discussions of that website, best to over there.

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In the past, musescore.com let people upload and download copyrighted music illegally and just waited until they got threatened with lawsuits and then took the illegal scores down. Eventually the threats became too much to deal with and they decided instead to be legal, and actually pay the copyright owners. That happened a year or so ago, plenty of announcements and discussion of that over there on that site.

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