Crash on drag & drop of volta in continuous view

• Jul 2, 2020 - 21:44
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When you drag a volta into your score while you are holding shift on the keyboard musescore crashes. The workaround is to not hold shift when you drag the volta but sometimes I forget to do that and the program crashes.


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I can't reproduce this. Which build, specifically (see Help / About)? And how you you doing the drag - are you clicking the volts first, double-clicking firs, etc? And can you attach a specific score where this happens?

Ah, somehow I missed the word "into" in the original description and thought this was about shift+drag within the score. There would be a reason to want to do that - to constrain the direction of the drag to vertical only. I'm not so much understand why you would be trying to press Shift when adding to your score, unless maybe the on-screen keyboard I see in the video is relevant - that you are using this, and you have enabled a "sticky" shift key you forgot to turn off? Doesn't really matte,r just trying to understand how this came up, or if there was something you expected shift to accomplish here.

Unfortunately, all that said, I still can't reproduce this, so I'm thinking it could be something unique to your score. Could you please attach it, and tell us precise to which measure you are trying to attach the volts?

Volta_Crash.mscz I was trying to select two measures with the volta by shift-dragging on multiple measures. It only seems that it works when you do it on any staff that is not the uppermost one. My guess is what is happening is it is trying to do the volta on only one staff but then it realizes it cant do that and it crashes. It also only seems to crash in continuous view. Also the on-screen keyboard is only there to show the key presses and I never use it normally.

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Title Musescore 3.5 beta crashes when you drag a volta while holding shift Crash on drag & drop of volta in continuous view
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Priority P0 - Critical

Yes, you are right, continuous view is the key here, that's why I couldn't reproduce before. Doesn't matter the score, doesn't matter if you hold Shift - drag&drop of a volta in continuous view crashes, period.

For the record, the way to add a line (or anything from the palette) to a selection is to first make the selection, then simply click the palette element. no need for drag&drop, pretty much ever.

Thanks for helping track this down!

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