Allow copy and paste all text from one staff to another

• Aug 10, 2020 - 15:28

Currently if you want to move instructions from one staff to another you have to individually click, ctrl-x, click, ctrl-v, repeat for the entire score.

It should be - select range of bars - filter to only text - ctrl-x - click the other staff - ctrl-v


I don't see how this would work. Text items are attached to notes or rests, not staves. How would MuseScore decide where to paste the text items when the source and destination have different rhythms and possibly fewer notes/rests in the destination than the source?

We support this for a number of element types - chord symbols, lyrics, articulations, etc - with special handling to decide whether to copy by note or by beat. But apparently staff text isn't included. I would suggest making an official Suggestion to the issue tracker. Should be easy enough to add.

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The forum is a great place to discuss ideas for feature requests, to make sure the feature doesn't exist already, to flesh out ideas for how a complex new feature might work, etc. Same with the bug reports forum - it's great for confirming something really is a bug. But either way, once something is confirmed and made concrete, it should be logged to the issue tracker, so we can, well, track it. See the Support menu above.

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