Changing Keys in the music

• Oct 1, 2020 - 15:56

If I input a song in the Key of G, is there a way to change the music to A without re inputting it

Diana Stanford


Select all. Then hit the up arrow key twice - to get two semitone steps. You will have to fix the key signature, but it's not particularly difficult.

Otherwise choose the Tools-> Transpose option as mentioned in the other reply. Doing key changes that way the key signature should be changed by the operation. This is a better way for more distant keys if you transpose the whole piece.

If you only transpose part of a piece you'll probably have to figure out whether to leave accidentals in, or put in a new key signature.

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I am inclined to agree with you. For sections (rather than the whole piece) it may make sense to explicitly put in a key signature at the start of the section. There is an option within the Transpose function to transpose the key signature as well. I've not checked what happens if a whole piece with several different sections each with its own key signature is transposed using the Transpose feature. It'll probably work - I guess.

If one is determined to do it, it is possible to have user defined non-standard key signatures - example A sharp + D flat. Anyone trying that should check any transpositions carefully to see if the result matches their expectations.

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There are options that should allow a piece with multiple key signatures to transpose properly. I've never tested it either. I've always select a section of music and transposed part of it.

Custom key signatures are basically treated as atonal so the tool is not very useful for that.

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