Unwanted automatic chord playing

• Oct 9, 2020 - 16:18

How soon until we get a release that suppresses the automatic chord playing? I reckon I have about 2000 extra keystrokes in the past 6 weeks turning off this undesired feature. Is there a beta version out there that gets rid of this? thanks


For the record, if you literally never (or almost never want) chord symbols to playback, no additional keystrokes are needed even with 3.5 if you simply create a template or style file that has it turned off. Do it once, and you're done.

The 3.5.1 release had a few technical glitches that are being addressed. When the dust settles, you'll also have a new preference to force the style setting off.

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To be clear though: templates are the answer if all your score use the same or substantially similar instrumentation. If instead you create scores for a wide variety of different instrumentation, and wish for them all to disable chord symbol playback, you will want to set a default style. So set up one score the way you want, then Format / Save Style, then go to Edit / Preferences / Score and select that style as your default.

As mentioned, once the release situation is straightened out, a single preference checkbox will force chord symbol playback in all new scores.

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