Unwanted automatic chords still play with 3.5.1

• Oct 12, 2020 - 23:51
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load the file
click play

I'm in the process of adding chord names to the score -- here's the file after having added just a couple. .. Unwanted noise

DO NOT PLAY UNWANTED CHORDS needs to be the default setting for style, modifications, etc.

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Status active by design

This score was created with 3.5.1. As discussed and agreed upon virtually unanimously on the forum, the default for new scores will remain to have chord symbols play, since most people do want them. If you happen to not want them, simply turn off the style setting, which can make happen automatically if you like by setting the appropriate preference in Edit / Preferences / Advanced.

Edit/Preferences/Advanced seems like a bunch of programming instructions. What is "the Appropriate Setting" and how do I set it?
Please provide exact instructions.

Still working my way through this ... You mean this has to be turned off for every new score? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Composers and arrangers must not have been included in the forum. I cannot imagine a serious professional user wanting a child's piano chiming in every time there is a guitar chord written on the score. This is a serious mistake and will not go down well in the review forums.

Please provide exact instructions.
Short and sweet: read the handbook (linked to by the FAQ mentioned above)

WHERE DO I FIND score/harmony/play/
Nowhere. But under Edit > Preferences> Advanced you'd find score/harmony/play/disableCompatibility and score/harmony/play/disableNew. The handbook describes their purpose.

You mean this has to be turned off for every new score?
No, not with the above settings

Composers and arrangers must not have been included in the forum
There sure were. The vast majority of users want chord symbols playback, just a (rather loud) minority does not and for those there are several options available, globally, per score, via template, different sound, etc.

Edit / Preferences / Advanced is the name of a menu, it's how we traditionally describe how to find things. That is, click the Edit menu, then Preferences, then Advanced.

Not sure where you are still getting the idea this needs to be done for every score. As explained previously, if you create a template with the setting off, all scores created from that template will have it off. If you create a style file, all scores created that are not from a template will have it turned it off. And as of the next update, if you turn on the appropriate preference ("score/harmony/play/disableNew" ) in that Preferences dialog, all new scores will have it forced off.

As for listening to composers in the forum, yes, this feature was added after listening to the literally hundreds of requests for this over over years. And when a dozen or so later complained that they wanted it off by default for older scores and an even easier way to turn it off for new score than the ways already provided, we listened to that request and have implemented it as well. It's in 3.5.1 but there is a glitch where it doesn't work right until you toggle it.

As for how it is being received, many many many people are thrilled beyond belief as they have been dreaming of this for years. Suddenly lead sheets actually sound something like music. But for those who are for whatever reason adding chord symbols to fully notated scores, as mentioned, it is simple to disable, whether for one score or all. Also it is simple (via the Mixer) to change the sound if you prefer the accompaniment chords in your score to be played by guitar instead of piano. Normally there would be no assumption that the accompanying instrument would be the same as the solo instrument - certainly a vocal or flute score with accompanying cords would not be accompanied by a vocal or flute choir. But also, for 3.5.1, the guitar template was changed to make the guitar the default for those scores. Again, you are welcome to customize this in your own template, and have your fully notated guitar scores accompanied by accordion, or by a bass playing root only, etc.