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• Oct 18, 2020 - 19:59

Hello, everyone!

This is the beginning of a piano score:
What is the correct position of the rest in the last measure? Is it in place or should I move it to the lower staff?

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I'm inclined to agree, neither is very satisfactory, and in this case this suggests to me maybe the whole way this is set up as cross-staff notation might not have been the best choice to begin with. Is the intent to suggest two notes played with one hand and one with the other? It's not 100% obvious which you hand you mean the "E" to be played with, but if it's the RH, I'd probably just use ledger lines on the top staff personally.

Mark Sabatella, the E is played with the left hand. I tried to indicate this by placing it on the lower staff and putting the fingering below the note.

mike320, I didn’t mean invisible. I was just saying that both options have drawbacks.
In option (a) the rest isn’t on the same staff as the following note of the same beat, and the lower staff looks strange without a rest.
Option (b) looks better, but there’s no rest on the upper staff although the right hand rests for the duration of an eighth.

Ziya Mete Demircan, yes, the bass clef for the upper staff would help to avoid cross-staff notation but it would require to explicitly indicate the hand as in (c).

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