Did We Ever Resolve the "Grace Notes After" Question?

• Jun 13, 2014 - 15:27

Looks like there has been MUCH discussion. Any solution?


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I use the term "development builds" to emphasize I am talking about a future version (presumably to be called 2.0) of MuseScore that is still under development. it has not yet been released, which is why Check for Update doesn't tell you about it. 1.3 is still the current version. The development builds are unstable and not meant for real world use yet. But anyone can install a development version to test if they like - so you can give feedback on the new features, report bugs you find, etc. I know you've been around here a while, so I guess I sort of assumed you knew about this; sorry for not being more clear.

The developments builds you can install are called "nightly" builds even though at this point they are actually built whenever a change is made, which could be more or less often than once per day (eg, some days there are no builds; other days there are several). You can access the nightly builds via the Download link in the menu at right of the page. A nightly build can co-exist with your regular installed 1.3 version. Just extract the zip file into a folder of your choosing and run the "nightly.bat" file there (Windows; similar story for other OS's but the details might be different).

Nightly builds have been available for about as long as the next major version has been in development - which actually started around four years ago, before the release of 1.0. They've through ups and downs in terms of how stable they are. It's actually pretty good right now, although there are plenty known bugs that will need to be fixed before release. Still, they are not intended for real work, and scores created with a nightly build will not open in 1.3 and might possibly not open correctly with a build from the next night, much less 2.0 when it comes out. So again, don't use them for real work yet, but you are welcome to try out the new features.

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I truly appreciate the continued improvement of this wonderful software. I know it's not easy and I am amazed at how far it has progressed. I rarely have a problem with producing a score that is high quality. However, I don't feel I am qualified to help with this effort by adding my critique of your latest efforts. You're much better off without my input, believe me. Thanks again!

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