Staff instrument name issue after using "Change Instrument" feature from Text Palette

• Nov 19, 2020 - 21:30

Windows 10, MS 3.5.2
At the beginning of the attached, Horns & Trumpets are E instruments. The issue described below does not exist until after the instrument changes on pages 88/89.
About pages 88/89, Horns & Trumpets are changed to F instruments using the Palette/Text/Change Instr. feature. (Thank You Marc Sabatella!!!)

>At page 91 (measure 277) right-click on either the Horn I. or the Trumpet I. stave and select Staff/Part Properties...
>In the Short instrument name cell, change the number from "I." to something else and complete the action with "OK" or "Apply".
Expected result-
>Only the selected staff has the instrument name changed.
Actual result-
>Both the selected staff, and the staff below it (Horn or Trumpet II.) has the name changed.

Maybe this is present in all such circumstances, or maybe the issue was introduced somehow due to the size and complexity of the score.
Please be aware that there are many more staves present than actually shown, most are not selected in the "I" instruments field to keep the display simple while editing is being done.


This is quite strange. I renamed Horn I, and Horn II followed. I renamed the old Horn II and Horn III followed but not horn I. The part names are remaining constant. I tried it in 3.6a just for kicks and got the same result. I've never seen anything like this before and I've done scores with more than 50 staves before so I don't see anything normal that would cause this.

Let's consider somethings that have been know to cause problems. Did you ever have parts created for this score?

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It seems the the instrument change in the same place is a requirement for the bug. When I moved the instrument change in horn 2 the bug isn't present. The bug is not present in 3 in your test at all because there is no instrument change. The reason it's present in your original score is that all of these instruments have instrument changes to start the scene.

I think this is enough info to submit a bug report.

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