Simple first & second endings in multiple parts of a piece

• Nov 23, 2020 - 01:17

I often need to score something that has an AABB form where only the ends of the A and B parts differ (e.g. fiddle tunes). The obvious way to write it is for each part (A and B) to have first and second endings...
For a simple example:
|: xxx|xxx|xxx|xxx|xxx|xxx|1st ending xxx|xxx:|2nd ending xxx|xxx| (A part)
|: xxx|xxx|xxx|xxx|xxx|xxx|1st ending xxx|xxx:|2nd ending xxx|xxx| (B part)
where xxx is a measure of music

Unfortunately the 1st and 2nd endings don't play back correctly in the B part. I'm guessing that's because Musescore doesn't understand the scope of the endings. Is there any way to make the scope clear?
Or would the B parts need to be called 3rd and 4th endings, even though that's quite contrary to the logic of the music? And if so, what happens if the whole thing needs to be repeated (AABBAABB)? Are we into 7th and 8th endings?

Thanks for any clarification or helpful work-arounds.


Here's a really simple test of an AABB written with voltas. The problem is that the volta in the BB part is treated as a simple repeat.

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I think I am having a very similar problem. This fiddle piece is in three measures. Each measure should be repeated with first and second endings. The first measure plays back correctly but the second and third measure plays the first ending the first time and then the second time it plays the first ending again (wrongly) and then the second ending. I have tried to follow your discussion on duplicate voltas but I don't think that is the problem here.

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Right you are! Thank you for that explanation.

And after a slight experiment I now know how that happened. when I was creating this example I dragged the first 1. volta to the fourth measure and then expanded it to two measures. Then I remembered that I had discovered that I could have selected the two measures first and then indicated that I wanted a volta there. So I selected the next two measures and double-clicked the 2. volta. Shazam! The two-measure volta appeared in place! Unfortunately my double-click was fast enough that I didn't realize that both clicks created a volta, and the two superimposed look just like one.

So, my bad, but it might be useful to either (1) debounce the single-click placement of a volta (require 100 ms between identical placements of identical voltas) or (2) do sometihing to make a doubled volta visually distinguishable from a single volta, or (3) consider identical placements of identical voltas an error... unless there's some possible situation where that would actually be wanted. I only suggest this to avoid others being confused as I was.

Again, thanks!


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