Changing staff text to system text??

• Nov 19, 2020 - 05:07

I just realized I set in my full score all text intended as system text as staff text with "system" style, rather than true system text, for which reason I understand said text is not appearing in extracted parts (other than the first). Is there any way to select staff text (in the style of system text) and change/"flag" it to true system text, or do I have to re-enter everything as system text?


You can't do it in MuseScore, but if you save as MSCX and open the resulting file in a text editor, you could do a search and replace, perhaps. But it might require something more complex than a simple search string, more like a regular expression. so it might require a tool like sed or perl and something resembling programming. Or, you could just go through the file and make the change manually, probably easier unless there are like thousands of them.

Thank you for the responses. After receiving Mike320's initial response a week ago, I just went through and copied/pasted staff text to system text (took time given the size of the piece). Using a text editor to find/replace "staff text" to "system text" sounds simple enough - though it would have taken time also, since not all the staff text was intended as system text.. so I'd have had to scroll through the text document finding/replacing only the text I'd entered as "system style" - not sure how easy/quick that would have been.

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