File Corruption

• Nov 27, 2020 - 17:40

When I try to open each file that I have created this month, I am told that it is corrupted, now I can click ignore and it immediately brings up the score including to the point that I made my final save but I do not understand why this keeps happening. I have even copied music across some of my files to create a new file to see if that would work but unfortunately the same pattern occurs - Corrupted File, click ignore and the message disappears, but I am still concerned that there might be a bigger problem


If you attach the corrupt score it will help us find out why it's corrupt. Corruptions are considered critical bugs and are given priority to fix.

A message about a corrupt file indicates that a program bug in the version of the program used to create that file. When you load it, you are informed about the problem so you can fix it. If you don't fix it, the file remains corrupted, and in some cases, yes, the corruption follows you through copy and paste. So it's important to fix the corruptions to void that message, and also to avoid the problem spreading and potentially leading to crashes as well. See the article linked to above for advice on fixing the corruption.

Meanwhile, as mentioned, we do like to fix the bugs that lead to corruptions, but in order to do so, it is normally necessary to understand how the corruption occurred - merely seeing the already-corrupted score is seldom that helpful. But sometimes, that combined with anything you can remember about how you entered and edited the notes and rests in the affected measure(s) might lead someone to be able to figure out steps to reproduce the problem from scratch.

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