Can you keep the Master Palette open?

• Jan 4, 2021 - 12:07

In previous versions of MuseScore, you could keep the Master Palette open on the left window for easy access, but on 3.5, it won't stay open. Is there a way to prevent this?

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Is there a reason you are resorting to the Master Palette here? It’s not meant for this type of regular use; it’s intended mainly as a source of symbols you can use in customizing the standard palettes.

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To be clear: the regular palettes are normally open by default unless you previously closed them. But if you did previously close it, then indeed, simply View / Palettes or F9 (with Fn if on a keyboard/OS that requires it). The standard palettes are designed to dock as mentioned, or can also be undocked if you prefer, and also have many other great features like easy customizability, search, keyboard navigation, etc. The master palette was never needed for anything except to repopulate your main palettes if you ended up removing elements from them, but now that's not even needed anymore - removing elements from the regular palettes just puts them in the section marked "More". So really, the master palette is almost completely obsolete at this point, except for the "Symbols" section, plus the key and time signature customizers.

For me, on macOS Big Sur, it also just stays open properly. Maybe, as @jeetee suggested, it hides itself behind the main window. I didn't notice any different behavior than in older versions.

Tip (in case you didn't know this already): a quick way to switch between open windows of an application is the shortcut command + </kbd>, for example to switch between the master palette and the main window. You can even use it like this:
- press <kbd>command +
to switch to the master palette
- start dragging the desired item
- press command + ` to switch to the main window
- drop the desired item there.

macOS is quite nice about pressing keyboard shortcuts while dragging items.

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