How to fine-tune lyrics spacing

• Jan 28, 2021 - 17:45

I am creating educational material with large sp units (3.5mm). I find that lyrics are often cause line breaks where my feeling is that the lyrics should easily fit on one line.

In the example lyrics_spacing.mscz, I would like to fit four measures onto one line without reducing lyrics font size. Any ideas?


You wrote:
I reduced Min. Note distance to 0.0, still cannot get four measures in a line.

When I open your attached "example lyrics_spacing.mscz" file, I see this:
and the Minimum note distance shows 0.55 and not 0.0 as you wrote.

To reset the default spacing to 0.20 use menu item Format -> Style -> Measure and click on the curved arrow:
Clicking on the 'Reset to default' curved arrow produces this:
Four measures per line.
(I am using MuseScore 3.6.1)

Both minimum note distance *and the lyrics minimum distance (in Format / Style / Lyrics) are relevant here. Also the minimum sizes and margins for dashes and melisma lines. But then, also the distance before and after barlines, etc - that's in Format / Style / Measure.

You can certainly fit more lyrics on the page by reducing all of these, but it's kind of up to you to figure out the best combination for your purpose. Anything I did that allowed four measures to fit on one line just plain doesn't look good to me - I think you simply need smaller staves. Those are enormous staves to be trying to put four measures on a single line of A4 paper.

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