Take foever to start up

• Feb 11, 2021 - 07:50
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I just installed the newest version on my window 10 laptop. It suddenly becomes extremely slow at startup. I almost thought it died, but then it appears, way slower than ever. This however does not happen on my window 7 machine. I wish I never installed this version.


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Do you have the MDL extension installed?
Try Help > Reverting to factory settiong

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I don't know. Is that something that a normal installation put in? I don't do anything fancy at all, just install and use it. This new update just kills it for good.

I try backing out to the previous release but now it's still slow. It takes over a min to startup.

The newest release always get stuck at installation too with that Qtwebengine process. asking me to remove it. I have to manually removed that for the installation to go through.

Now, it takes forever to start up.

To be clear: nothing about 3.6.2 should start up any slower than any previous version, so whatever you are seeing cannot have anything to do with what version you are using. Slow startup is usually to one of the following:

1) having large soundfonts (like those used by the MDL extension) installed
2) having very large scores that were saved as MSCX file - or saved prior to MuseScore 2 - in your recent files list (MuseScore needs to generate thumbnails
3) having your default printer or files in your recent files be on a network device that is taking long to respond

Revert to factory settings would fix all of these except the printer, so definitely the thing to try. But if for whatever reason you don't want to do that - it also loses customizations you might have made in Edit / Preferences, as well as custom workspaces - you can try to check of these individually.

In the future when asking for help using MuseScore, best to ask on the Support forum where there are many other fellow users who might have ideas of things to try.

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Thanks. But, I do not use big files or do any customization. I am a very simple user. I don't install anything other than what each musescore installation comes up. I found this place to report from the Report Bug section of the About menu. I do not have any of those things you mentioned, large file on printer queue etc. The only difference I see with this new release is each time during installation, it complains about that Qt thing. I have to manually delete 3 or 4 of these processes before the installation would finish. Why is this step necessary?

I looked into #3 network printer. So I removed the connection to network printer and now the program starts up as expected speed.

But, why is it necessary for my network printer to be on just for Musescore 3 to work? I don't use my printer very often, so I only turn it physically on when I need to. Now because M3 waits for it for over a min before it gives up and starts the program, I have to keep the printer on or delete the driver and reinstall it when I need to use it? This is weird.

Is this a support issue or is it ok to ask here? thanks.

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MuseScore checks your default printer's default paper size to understand what size you want your scores to be by default. It's probably not the best way of doing this, but it's what works best for now to handle all the different variations in different systems and different countries.

So if you don't use that printer much, don't set it as your default - instead choose something like the Windows "XPS document printer" or some other virtual printer.

To be clear, none of this is new, it's how MuseScore has worked for many years. See for instance #150601: MuseScore does not open when a network printer is not reachable. Something about your network configuration is presumably what changed.

As for the need to kill the Qt web engine process, this is something that can happen with any application that uses multiple processes and sometimes one is left running. We try to handle this as well as possible, and the 3.6.2 installer made some significant improvements, but we can't control everything that might happen on every system, so sometimes you will still see messages. At least they shouldn't lead to problems any more though.

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Thanks. When you say setting default printer, this is within Musescore itself? Can I have my printer driver on Window but just not telling Musescore about it?

I am a very recent Musescore user so I just started to notice issues.

With the Qt process, I am sure only musescore uses it on my system.

So, this is the steps,
open musescore
check for update and it tells me time to update
I start the installation process
it pops up asking me about Qt, auto kill or reboot
I say just auto kill, but it fails. If I quit out musecore, Qt goes away and so is this installation process.

So, my work around is to kill the qt from process table. Then after installer is happy, about to install, I kill the the musescore program that is still open
then the installation goes well.

I thought this 3.6.2 is supposed to take care of this qt thing but I don't think it has. It's not a clean install if I have to mess with the process table.

I am the only user. This is my own laptop. No special permission was set for musescore .

You don't need to mess with this, justvreboot, as the dialog tells you.
And no, you can't the Windows default printer frim MuseScore, just use one that is actually accessible and uses a sane default paper size like Letter or A4

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If I reboot at that point, I lost whatever update it just downloaded. If you meant after I've done installation then reboot, no, it wouldn't work, because it'd fail to remove that GT baby and ask me the same question again. So, I had to manually removed the Gt.

I don't use any insane size paper, just the plain old 8 1/2 by 11 paper. I will work around the printer problem for now. At least Musescore comes up quickly! Thank you for your help.

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I'm using the latest version of MuseScore 3.6.2 and as of 10/25/21 it started taking about 30-45 mins to start up. It would take forever to even see the splash screen. Reset of MuseScore had no effect. I even tried MuseScore 2.3.2 and had the exact same problem. I finally found this thread and switched my default printer to the Adobe PDF printer, my default had been a network printer, problem is now solved. Both MuseScore 2&3 start up immediately after double clicking the desktop icon.