MuseScore application (all versions) not downloading

• Feb 11, 2021 - 09:03

MuseScore would not download nor uninstall regardless of the files that I plug into it (older versions).
The application runs, and transferring files from a thumb drive also works, although it would eventually be repetitive to download MuseScore from another system and transfer it onto the one that wouldn't allow it to be downloaded.
The error is shown in the image below.
I'm not really sure what "software build image" means and searching for it doesn't provide the correct results.

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I have tested it with multiple versions of MuseScore installers and all of the note that the application must installed first for action to be taken. I had version 3.6.1 downloaded (transferred from thumb drive) prior to the creation of the forum, so I had downloaded the version's installers to test it, but still no luck.

Edit: rebooting didn't work either.

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I guess I need a little clearer explanation of what"s going on. Let's go back to your first post.

"MuseScore would not download" You could not download the installer? Or downloading files failed after the instillation started?

"nor uninstall regardless of the files that I plug into it (older versions)." If instillation failed what was there to uninstall? Also, how are you able to "plug in" older versions if they don't install, or even download.

"The application runs," Do you mean the installer?

"and transferring files from a thumb drive also works," What files are you trying to transfer? As you know, you can't just transfer a complete instillation from one computer to another.

I'm not sure why a previous instillation is at all needed. I think that at this point you might need to delete everything related to MuseScore, run a good registry cleaner, and start over.

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By MuseScore would not download, I was referring to the application itself, where mid-install, the above errors would show up. The installers were perfectly fine to download.
Prior to the installation, I actually had MuseScore pre-installed (music student) but when I tried to update the application, above error would appear. Thus, I deleted cache files and loaded the MuseScore application files (default to Program Files) from another PC to this one, where the application would work, but not the installers when downloading/updating.
What is this registry cleaner you are referring to?

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OK. Here's what I understand. You had a version of MuseScore on your computer that worked. You tried to update it and it failed. You then substituted the MuseScore Programs File from another computer. Update still fails.
Seems to me that the first installation is most likely the problem. What does "pre-installed (music student)" mean? Was it installed by an installer? Or was part of it transferred from another computer? I can't say I know for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if the installer was looking for something registered to your computer but only finds something registered to some other computer. It's a longshot, but what happens if you start Musescore from the exe file in the bin folder in Program Files. Then update.

Or delete everything you can find dealing with MuseScore. The Programs File folder. And, This PC/Local disk (where MuseScore is installed)/Users/(your user name)/AppData/Local/MuseScore. And start over. There might be a problem with the registry. I might suggest downloading a Portable version of Ccleaner or Glary Utilities to a usb stick and run the registry cleaner part of them.

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Another thing to try would be to set up another user account on your computer. Using that account, download MuseScore again. Another person had success doing that. I would suggest installing it to a test folder rather than the default Programs folder.

Is downloading and using the Portable App instead of the .MSI installer an option? That sounds like less effort than downloading to another system and transferring to the problem system.

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