Define page size and layout in new score wizard

• Apr 1, 2021 - 13:37

One of my (tiny) frustrations with MuseScore is that the default page size is A4, while (like most North American users) my printer vastly prefers 8.5x11. I'm also a person who, from time to time, likes my scores in landscape orientation.

My suggestion: Make some basic page layout options part of the new score setup wizard. (They should still be part of the Page Layout menu, of course.) Not only would this be convenient, but it will be extremely helpful for North American users who aren't aware that A4 is MuseScore's default page size.


MuseScore does take the default paper format from the default printer. So just make sure your default prrinter uses Letter rather than A4, and MuseScore will get it right

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Among other problems, the "default printer" scheme fails on many (most? all?) Linux systems for some reason. So instead I've created my own MSS file that sets page size (to Letter) and does nothing else, and specified this as my default style in Edit / Preferences / Score. Attached below in case someone else finds it useful.

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I could definitely use this option, because I compose ensembles of many different sizes. It would be great during the New Score wizard, even if I'm pulling up a template score, to be able to size the page according to the number of staves I will be creating. Plus there are times when I want the display to show a smaller scale and other times when I want it to be bigger. Especially for symphonic pieces, I start from the conductor score and create the parts from that.

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