Visualization of the mixer after updating.

• Apr 3, 2021 - 11:32

Hello everyone!

I don't know what happened but after I made an update to MuseScore, when I open the Mixer it appears "cut" at the bottom (attached image).
Is there any configuration that I can resolve this?

Note: Windows 10

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Good morning (in Brazil) JoJo!

Thanks for the guidance however, this procedure I have already done. But that did not happen before the update, the mixer window was presented in its entirety. It even seems that I already saw another topic in the forum on the same subject (I haven't found it now).
Will there be a fix for this in the next version 3.6.3?

Strong hug!

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Hello bobjp!

I am aware that MuseScore is wonderful software and moreover free, given that I have absolutely nothing to complain due to the countless jobs that I have done on it. Therefore, I will always continue with him.
Regarding the issue of this matter, it is an inconvenience that deserves attention, you know that, because it did not happen in previous versions.
This procedure that you guided me, I successfully performed.

Finally, I ask: are other users happy with this and is it normal for them? Positive and cultured case is only mine and I apologize ok.


Since you are on Windows you could use the AutoHotkey macros about the complete Mixer automation I published recently. See post 18.
The documentation describes in full how to determine the coordinates with the tool PixelMousing and how to determine the heights and widths of the Mixer window(s) using the AHK tool Window Spy.

Probably what happened is, last time you used the mixer, the top half was collapsed, so the size of the window was sufficient. Now you have expanded the tp half and the window isn't big enough for that, so you need to make it bigger. Nothing unusual about that. Same would have happened in older versions too.

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Except that every time I open MuseScore and then open the mixer, it looks like the above picture. If I expand the mixer to be able to see it all, I can close it and later reopen and it is still full view. That is, as long as I do it within the same session. If I close MuseScore and later reopen it, then open the mixer, it again looks like the above picture. I have the portable version of 3.5 and the mixer always opens in full view.

Is this a big deal? maybe not. Just kind of an odd thing.

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I have no permissions restrictions on any folders in the Documents folder. I break out the inspector and pull as long as I can, then close the program. When I open it and the inspector, it is still broken out where I left it but it is as short as when I first broke it out. Other than turning off the start center I have made no changes in Preferences. If I have, for example, the dynamics palette open, and close the program. When I open it again, the dynamics palette is still open. I'd just as soon have it closed when I reopen the program.
There are some restrictions on the Programs folder, but not for my admin account. I didn't set any of those.

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Actually, I also have version 3.5 and the mixer always opens in full screen regardless of the session. In version 3.6.2, every time I close MuseScore and open it again, the inconvenience happens, that is, I need to drag the edges of the mixer to stay in one piece.
Does this also happen to other users?

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Good morning (in Brazil) Jojo!

Currently, I only have version 3.6.2 installed, but none.
3.5 I installed just for the test and already uninstalled immediately.

Could a possible uninstall and installation solve this?
This procedure I want to avoid, because I made several configurations, palettes and others.
Uninstalling it would have to do the job again, but if it is to resolve it I will do it.


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No idea. If I undock and resize the mixer, it opens undocked and with the same size the next time.
There's one change between 3.5 and 3.6 that might be relevant here: in 3.6 the option (in Edit > Preferences > Score > View) to hide/show the Mixer details section is no longer getting ignored.

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Yes. Within a session, the mixer stays the same no matter how many times I open it. However, if I close MuseScore, I have to resize the mixer when I open MuseScore again. This is on my 6 year old laptop and my brand new Surface. I've tried different scale and resolution settings. I haven't tried my other two computers, yet. It would be interesting to find one that works just to see what is different.

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I agree that there could be an issue on my system. But it's not permissions. I have the portable version in the same folder as the full version. I have checked permissions in every folder involved, including APDATA.
Like I said, it's not that big of a deal for me. Just kind of odd. Gotta love computers>

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And to add yet another wrinkle, I found out something interesting.
I have one laptop with a 17 inch display. On this system the resolution is 1600x900. If I open the mixer on this system and the Mixer is docked, the full length of the mixer shows. Every time. However, if I undock the mixer then close it, and then close and reopen MuseScore, it shows less than full length. Like the photo at the top of this thread.
On my 15 inch laptop, which can't go any higher than 1366x768, the bottom of the mixer is cut off when docked. Undock, make full size, close everything down, reopen, open mixer. Result is like the photo at the top of this thread.
If I change the resolution of the 17 inch computer to mach the 15 inch, All the 15 inch problems occur.
I don't know if this helps.

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