Apply pedal marking to entire grand staff during playback

• Mar 17, 2018 - 17:44

I just noticed that when I attach a pedal marking to the bottom staff of a grand staff, MuseScore's playback only applies the sustain to the notes in the bottom staff. Is there a way to make it apply the sustain to both, as would occur with a piano? I realize I can add an invisible pedal marking to the top staff as well, but I'm hoping to aviod that tedium :)


If you have two staves on an instrument (like the default when you add a piano), the pedal will apply to both staves. If you created 2 separate instruments and used the barlines to make them look like a grand staff, the pedal will only apply to one staff.

It would be best if you attach your score.

Not sure whether this might be the case here, but selecting pedal line and check in inspector whether it spans instrument or part (default, not sure about the naming), staff or system. You may want to change to system, if your grand staff isn't really a real grand staff, but 2 instruments, as suspected mike320.

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Three years later... My specialty...
I have the same problem but I'm positive that I have an actual two-staff piano (see image below).
In fact, I don't really care about the pedal not having an effect on the upper staff's sound as I oftentimes write without even listening, but the problem is that it won't align with the notes on the upper staff (e.g. If I have a whole note in the bottom staff and plenty of little quaver notes in the upper staff, I can't lift the pedal between two quaver notes; it just aligns with the entirety of the whole note in the bottom staff.)
Strange because, of what I can remember, it did work (for me) in a previous version of MuseScore.

All the best.

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It already applies to both staves by default, assume it really is two staves of one instrument. No setting necessary or possible.

Someday we could consider adding a setting to make it not apply to both staves, but since real pianos have no concept of this, it's hard to imagine how this would actually come up in real notated music either.

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Indeed, there is currently no direct way to have the length of the pedal line take the upper staff into consideration. It's a known limitation we'd like to solve someday. Meanwhile, workarounds could include using invisible notes in another voice on the bottom staff to align to, or invisible pedal marks on the top staff.

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