Audio problem

• Apr 16, 2021 - 15:46
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S3 - Major
needs info

1)Update Musescore
2) Use file from older version
1) While Musescore is open switch audio devices

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Severity S1 - Blocker S3 - Major
Status active needs info

You haven't said what precisely goes wrong, or what OS you are on, or what audio devices you are using. But this works fine in most cases. It could be the specific device you are trying to use isn't compatible - try updating it.

In general, It's better to ask for help with these sorts of system administration issues on the Support forum, and give as many details about your system as possible, so those with expertise in that area can understand and assist better.

Yoiu've still not told us what happens, "Audio problem" is not a good description IMHO
Nor have you mentioned what version of MusaeScore exactly you're using.

Opening files from an older version of MuseScore definitly is not causing any audio issue, I'm doing this all time, also on WIndows 10, also with Realtek Audio

switched audio devices ... from what to where? Why?

As as I explained previous, in general, audio works just fine on most systems. If there is a specific issue with your system in particular, it really is more helpful to you if you post to the Suport forum, where people who have more system administration and hardware experience can help you pinpoint the specific configuration that is triggering the problem, and help track down whether there is a bug in MuseScore or something else going on. OIn any case, we can't do anything here for issues that are unique to your system that we can't reproduce - that is why it is important to get help sorting through what is going on with your specific system, from people who are more expert on such matters.