Pro Tools MIDI file import problems

• Jul 27, 2021 - 18:03

I have a simple piano MIDI file exported from Pro Tools (have tried both PT export formats). Followed all the advice I could find on checking options, limiting voices etc, but it is still splayed all over the staff, bottom line and top line switch voices mid phrase, creating ridiculous leger lines,etc. And even with 2 voice limit, there are rests inserted all over the place. Is there ANY way to improve this? Even trying to edit the score- seems like can't delete rests, or move voices to upper or lower staff, or even switch the voice numbers on a particular note. Seems like starting from scratch and entering by hand note by note would be faster but that is of course what I was trying to avoid with MIDI so hoping to avoid hours more work on this.

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MIDI was never intended for conveying notation information and contains none of the sort of info that would be needed to determine any of the things that you are seeing off. Indeed, usually entering notes normally is much more accurate and efficient than trying to use MIDI, especially for complex piano music played with two hands. That said, for a simple melody, it can work OK if you quantize the note on and off events in your MIDI software to ensure there are no overlaps.

It's the overlaps in your piece that are the problem - notating them accurately requires multiple vioices, or an unreadable mess of ties. Also, if you want control over which notes go onto which staff, best to record the two hands separately, or at least use your MIDI software to separate the hands cleanly into separate tracks.

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