Quand on fait une Création, on la complète dans ses moindres détails !!

• Sep 27, 2021 - 17:17

SALUT LES GARS ! MERCI A L'AVENIR de classer les instruments par ordre alphabétique, ou mieux encore par classe d'instruments ! Enfin quelques chose d'intelligent quoi ! Faire un logiciel aussi performant, et un accès instrument absolument déplorable ! Vous n'êtes pas des neuneus , je suppose, alors au boulot ? Cela pourra épargner des heures de recherche , a fucking waste of time !!


This isn't the first time this request is made (usually more politely though).
Anyway dev answer has always been that's the midi order and so is it.
I don't find that very convincing and would by far prefer an alphabetical order as well, at least as an option.

Perhaps one day you'll figure out that there's a search/filter field on top of the instruments window. Or actually notice that the instruments are grouped by category in there.
Or even notice that you can set the default score order since 3.6(.2) on the top-right of that same window.

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