Trouble with MIDI output

• Sep 1, 2020 - 18:37

Working with MuseScore 3.5.0/Windows 7

For certain projects I would like MuseScore when playing a score to output to a MIDI device.

On preferences>I/O I take the MIDI output dropdown and select one of my MIDI-accessed synthesizers. If I close Preferences, then reopen Preferences>I/O, I do not see that selection in the MIDI output field.

And when I play the score, there is no MIDI output to that device.

What am I missing here?


Stay safe.

Doug Kerr


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Hi, Mike,

Thanks for that lead. I have run into this sort of things in many parts of many programs.

But I tried every variation on that theme I could think of with no result.

By the way, after I select a MIDI out device the apply button is lit.

An interesting side issue is that on the Advanced tab I can see that io/portMIDI/outputDevice in fact shows the name of the selected MIDI output device.



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Hi, Marc,

Yes, I tried various things in that vein but with no success.

After perhaps changing other things on the dialog as well as setting a MIDI In and MIDI Out device, If I close the dialog and then re-open it, there are no entries in the MIDI In or MIDI Out fields.

I will play some more.



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Again, it is interesting that, as seen on the Advanced tab of the Preferences dialog, if I have (apparently unsuccessfully) tried to set a MIDI In or MIDI Our device, the entries io/portMidi/InputDevice and io/portMidi/OutputDevice both show the devices I attempted to set in the I/O tab.

Nevertheless, I have confirmed that both MIDI input and MIDI output are seeminmgly inoperative.


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Today I discovered that under the proper conditions MuseScore will in fact output to a MIDI device.

That MIDI device must be listed in Preferences>Advanced:io/portMIDI/outputDevice. This will happen if that device is set in Preferences>I/O:MIDI Output and MuseScore is closed.

If that MIDI device is not being accessed by any other application, and I start MuseScore, and open my test score, and wait for CPU activity to cease (which take quite a while - I have always assumed that this is while Fluid is being initialized), then If I click on a note in the test score (so it will sound), both Fluid and the selected MIDI device sound the note.

But this will not work with all my MIDI devices. So I need to do some more investigation.

I suspect this is some sort of problem with MuseScore not being happy to work into the same device as another app, even though the device has a "multiple-client" input port. I had a long and tedious experience with this sort of thing in Overture 5.



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Well, it seems that having no other application accessing the MIDI device when MuseScore is started is not a requirement.

So I'm not sure just why I was unable to get the output to a MIDI device to work before.

There is one MIDI device I cannot get to work (LoopBE, used to lead the output of an app to my MIDI monitor), but I will keep looking into that.


I have the same or similar issue. I turn on my Yamaha DGX-660 and connect it to my laptop. I launch Musescore. Sometimes when playback happens on the Yamaha; sometimes it doesn't.

When checking preferences, I get this screen which shows the midi devices blank. If I choose Yamaha grand and apply it, it doesn't "stick."

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