Creating parts from a score

• Oct 22, 2021 - 17:38

I just tried to create a part from a score. It seems that the "slur" feature is not created like it is in the score. Is there a way to make it the same as in the score? In other words, I have a slur going over 3-4 measures of notes, but in the part that was created, the slur is only over a couple notes in one measure.


Or, by selecting the notes and then press "S", the way I'd normally recommend. In any case, for more info on the way to create slurs, see that section of the Handbook.

What probably happened is you created the slur between two notes only than dragged the handles around to change the shape of it without actually changing which notes they attach to. museScore doesn't copy such adjustments to the arts, because changes to shape made in the score would normally be done to avoid marking son other staves etc that would be an issue in the parts.

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