right voices order?

• Jan 14, 2022 - 12:59

What is better, use voices in order from top to bottom (and change stem directions), or order it by wanted stem direction?
EDIT: It is violin solo part



For not having to manually tamper with stem directions, I'd take whatever voice has the stem direction I want. And in that prefer 1 over 3 and 2 over 4
But a violin solo would most probably not play 3 notes at the same tine, certainly not in 3 different voices?

I also vote, use the voices that produce the desired stem direction by default, as I prefer not to fiddle (no pun intended) with something that is perfectly capable of giving what I want already.

I can see why you're using multiple voices here, BTW, since the top note is longer than the rest. But, why three and not just 2?

Thank You both.

It is quite common in violin scores, to have only bottom voice stem down and all other voices stem up.
See Bach Sonata 1 Bach-Sonata-000.jpg

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This seems rather different, though am- here the point of the multiple stems is to clearly show the consistent three-part counterpoint. That is, it isn’t just a triple stop within an otherwise single-voice texture as your original example seemed to be showing. If yours is meant to be three (or four) part counterpoint as well, then indeed, that makes sense. That just wasn’t apparent from the excerpt.

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