Schantz Organ Midi file creation without actual recording

• Jan 19, 2022 - 18:44

I'm not an organist, I am a flutist and pianist. I'm fairly adept at using Musescore to create midi files to accompany myself on flute with a keyboard when no live accompaniment is available. My church is currently without an organist. We have a Schantz Organ (Opus 1504, 1978) that was refurbished in 2018 with midi added. If an organist records a midi live, playback is excellent on the organ, but if a midi file is created using Musescore software and exported as midi, the midi file is not recognized by our Schantz organ ("Unknown file"). I have taken the live performance midi's opened with Musescore and studied them endlessly, but when I create a different hymn trying to replicate the midi channels, it still says "Unknown file" on the organ's midi player. Could anyone help me figure out what I am missing in this process. We really want to be able to play hymns via midi on our church organ without having to hire an organist to pre-record every one. (However we are actively searching for a new part-time organist.) Thank you.


Does your organ support both type 0 and type 1 MIDI files? I'm guessing not. MuseScore generates type 1 (multiple tracks), but your organ might only accept type 0 (single track). If you do a web search, you can probably find tools to convert type 1 to type 0.

EIther that or the MIDI adaptor was specifically programmed to only accept files created by that device, perhaps because it needs to some non-standard extensions to control the various stops.

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Thank you for your response. I'm thinking your 2nd comment is probably true -- probable proprietary programming of the Shantz Organ midi processor as it always says "Unknown File" if the file was not live recorded. I did do a web search to see about converting the edited file I have to Type 0 to test it, but they all say "Website Blocked due to Trojan" when I click on them. I'll keep looking, but again, thank you for responding.

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