Failure to transfer notes from score to individual parts

• Mar 22, 2022 - 20:57
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S2 - Critical
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Invalid time signature at m.80, and discrepancies in flute part and score around this area.

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Indeed, this score has become corrupt, What we would need in order to investigate a fix would be to understand how this happened - what steps led to the corruption. That's where the bug lies - there are no steps that should result in this type of corruption. But once is a score is corrupted, all bets are off until the problems are fixed. For now, probably best to remove all parts, then delete bars 79-80, then reconstruct that.

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Okay, thanks for looking at it. I hadn't done anything to it for over a year, but when I opened it yesterday, I updated it to the latest font and whatever else was new, and I think that's when the corruption must have occurred.
By the way, with my other scores, I'm having the problem of random key signatures being added at various points, and I have to go in an manually delete them. Have you encountered this with other files? It's a problem I'm getting pretty consistently with MuseScore 3, and I never noticed it with version 2...

Corruption occurs when editing or sometimes when saving scores. Opening them doesn't cause corruption, but it does detect corruption that might have crept in during the last editing session.

As for extra key signatures, there was a problem with an older version - 3.1, maybe - that could cause that. That bug was fixed loing ago, but scores already "infected" will still show the problem. It's usually possible to fix them. I recommend starting a new thread in the Support forum and attaching your score and giving steps to reproduce the problem, then we can assist better.