MacOS (Newest 2021 MacBook Pro) MuseScore 3 quit unexpectedly.

• May 17, 2022 - 00:43

I haven't been able to fix it, not with replacing -F with -w, not by disabling the zoom over pointer option in accessibility and not by reseting. If there is any body that could assist me I would really appreciate it!


In order to understand and assist, we'd need you to attach the score you are having trouble with and give precise steps to reproduce the problem. Also say which version of MuseScore - and if not 3.6.2, update to that first.

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If a crash happens on opening a file, then the -w and hover text options aren't relevant - those are to fix crashes that would happen at startup or on other actions.

So, are you saying the crash happens the moment you open this file? There isn't anything else you do after the file loads? This doesn't happen for me on this file on Linux, but it's possible there is a bug that affects macOS only. Or it's possible the issue has to do with other program settings. Do you have any non-default soundfonts loaded, or other customizations? You might try Help / Revert to Factory Settings.

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It sounds like maybe you haven't actually installed MuseScore yet, or are trying to run the installer over and over. If the program is already installed, you shouldn't be clicking the installer again. If you have installed the program, then be sure you are clicking the actual program icon, not the installer. You should see the program open - so you see a menu, toolbar, and an empty score, plus a "Start Center" window showing you your recent scores. Close that window so you are just looking at the main window. Now try opening your file, from File / Open.

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