Make courtesy clefs bigger

• Aug 5, 2022 - 10:57

I need to increase the size of these courtesy clefs as normal clefs. I don't know if it's possible anaway i just was doing some workaround and achieved it. But i'm not sure how. I really would appreciate if anyone can help me because i need to do this again in other parts of my score.

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To create only one big clef, you can use this workround:

Create standard clef (small one)
Make it invisible (select clef, press "v")

Create Clef symbol from Master Palette:
Select Barline (near clef)

Open Master Palette (Shift + F9)
At thebottom there are Symbols
Search for "Clef"
Select one

Manualy adjust its position

Can you explain why you'd want to do this? It is incorrect notation and will just take space unnecessarily and potentially confuse musicians accustomed to more standard notation. Certainly the example you posted shows the normal, smaller size clefs. Maybe not quite as small as what most engraver would choose, but they definitely aren't full-size, nor should they be.

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