How to add chords efficiently

• Jan 25, 2017 - 03:02

I understand how to add chords, but my method is very slow and ineffective. Since note duration varies between notes, I have to apply notes, change note duration, then repeat the same thing over and over again for hundreds of times. If I'm writing single notes, I can just create a bunch of the same note in the correct rhythm, then drag the notes to their correct pitches afterward, but when I'm writing chords, I still have to change note duration between every note. This is very painful for writing long pieces. Can someone please help?


Are you using the computer Keyboard, a MIDI keyboard or the mouse to enter notes?

Using the computer keyboard should be the fastest method, using the mouse the slowest

N, 4, A, Shift C,Shift D, 5, D, Shift F, Crtl up, 6, D .... etc.

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Jojo's method is extremely fast since the notes a-g are in the left hand of the keyboard and the numeric keypad for durations is on the right. Once you get used to it, it is a very fast way to enter notes. For the notes themselves there is no need to remove your hand from the key board and many ornaments already have left hand only shortcuts such as slur, staccato, and sforzato. Also don't forget the R button will repeat the last note/chord in any duration. So you can type a C chord with 8th notes, 5 R repeats the chord in 1/4 notes.

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I think most people just dive in without reading instruction manuals, at least that was how most people learned how to use computers. Then they just post questions.

Also, many musicians are proud to be "untaught", at least in the Jazz field, although I think that has changes a Jazz instruction became "legitimate".

Not my preferred method, but ....

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For those of us who have used a lot of different software for many years, it's natural to jump right in because most software is much more intuitive than Musecore. We normally use the manual for the 20% of the software that is more complex. With Musecore, I have look up virtually everything.

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Can you explain what you are having trouble with? All programs use different commands, so if you're accustomed to one, getting used to another will require adjustment, and yes, often consulting documentation. That is equally true whether moving from program A to program B, or from B to A.

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People read enough to get going, then when they don't know what to do next the click the help menu and find "Ask for Help" and end up here. A lot of noobs pass through here and once someone (often Jojo) points them to the handbook page with the answer and the search for help bar in the top right corner they ask fewer questions through here.

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This was very helpful. Thank you. I have a slight variation on the question:

I want to write a slightly syncopated line (it's three dotted quarter notes) that's played in octaves. So at the start of a 4/4 measure I type N, 5, . (that's a dot), G, Option 8 (on my Mac), G, Option 8, G, Option 8. That last one isn't what I expected. So I go back and add the missing G and then add a tie with my mouse. Is there a smarter way that I just haven't figured out?

For now, I've settled on copy/pasting that rhythm figure, then changing the pitches of the notes.


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