I want to make a video that only plays the bass part.

• Sep 25, 2022 - 11:14

I would like to use Muse Score to make a part-by-part playback video in "SATB Closed Score" format.
I'll give an example when I start playing only the bass part.
The score was made in the "SATB Closed Score" format, and using the mixer screen (F10), soprano, alto, and tenor were all set to Mute as shown in the figure below, and the bass was left as it is.
[Figure 1]
I started playing and checked that the bass sound was heard, but I closed and reopened the mixer window.
As shown in the picture below, you can see that the bass part has returned to Mute.
[Figure 2]
As in the beginning, soprano, alto, and tenor were all set to Mute, and the bass was saved as it is.
And I closed the task window and loaded the file I just saved.
It has been changed as shown in the figure below.
[Figure 3]
The channel is also automatically selected as soprano, the channel number has been changed to 1, and the important bass part has been changed to mute.

No matter how much I want to make a video that only plays the bass part, I can't find a way to do it.
For "SATB Closed Score" type sheet music, when setting the mixer screen, not only the bass but also the alto is automatically changed to Mute.
If the same saved file for the bass part and alto part is loaded and played, the setting is changed to Mute and no sound is produced.
I want to save the file to Musescore.com and make a playback video, but it only works in silence.
Most of the sheet music I have is in "SATB Closed Score" format, so I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to make a video that plays only one part in this "SATB Closed Score" format.

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a) Don't use voice 3 and 4 for Tenor and Bass, but use voice 1 and 2 there too, just like for Soprano and Alto. Voices are per staff, and this avoids superfluos voice 1 rests.
b) Don't use multiple of these S/A and T/B texts to separate the channels, this seems to confuse things, one of these per staff and on the 1st note or rest is enough.
c) Don't hide invisible stuff, that in this case just made it more difficult to find issues, that stuff won't print nor export to PDF or SVG, nor be visible on musescore.com, just inside the MuseScore editor, as an aid.
d) Don't mute all channels ;-)
e) Don't use a non-expr. sound for an 'instrument' like human voice that supports it.

Try the attached

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Thanks for the detailed replies.
I've been learning the Muse Score program since the beginning of July of this year, so I'm not very good at it.
I will write the sheet music paying attention to the points you pointed out.
d) don't mute all channels ;-)
=> This is the crux of my question.
I have excluded the channel I want from Mute, but it is automatically changed to Mute.
If you download the modified and attached file as well, all channels are changed to Mute.
Except for the desired channel in the mixer (F10), set it to Mute, exit, and then enter the mixer (F10) again, all channels are changed to Mute.
If you do not mute only the desired channel and load the saved file, all channels are muted.
Soprano and tenor parts do not change to Mute when saved and reloaded. Alto and bass parts are automatically changed to Mute when saved and loaded.
The soprano and tenor parts remain unmute even after exiting the mixer, but the alto and bass parts are automatically changed to mute when the same operation is performed.
I can make the playback video I wanted in the first place only when the mixer saves only the desired channel and saves well.
I wonder what I did wrong.

I did this with your file;
1. Un-check mute for all channels.
2. Check "solo" on bass part.
3. Close and re-open mixer. Solo still checked in bass part.
4. Save as new name. close score and open saved score.
5. Open mixer. Soprano muted. Alto, both mute and solo checked. Tenor, nothing checked. Bass still checked as solo.
6 Playback is bass part only.

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