Permanently change default size of text for repeats

• Sep 30, 2022 - 19:54

I am unable to find a way to permanently change font size for "D.C. al Coda" etc.
The "S" button in the Inspector is greyed out so does not work, and I do not see them listed in the Style>Text Style menu.
Am I missing something, or is it not an option?


The "S" button is only enabled if you've actually changed the setting. Otherwise, there is nothing for it to do.

Also, it would help to clarify what you mean to "permanently" change/ I'm guessing maybe you have a special type of score - like maybe music for visually-impaired musicians or whatever - where you want larger than normal repeats. And every time you make music of that type, you want the extra-large repeats. But it probably doesn't make sense to also make them extra large in other types of scores. The best way to make sure your settings get made permanently for all scores of a given type is to set up one score that way, then save it to your Templates folder, so you can easily use it as the basis for future scores (just select it from eh Custom section of the templates page when creating a new score).

But also, hmm, you mention "Style / Text Stlye" - there is no such menu. Or hasn't been for many years anyhow. Are you perhaps still on an extremely old version of MuseScore? That might change some things.

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The dialog is labeled Style, but the menu you used to get there is "Format". There used to be an actual Style menu, and that's what made me wonder.

As for the disabled "S" buttons, yes, as I said, if you haven't changed the value from the default, there is nothing for that button to do, so it's disabled. But I'm confused, because the picture shows the font size being modified, and the "S" button is not disabled, it's solid black, just like the reset button.

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