Possible During Playback? All instruments play and hold a single note?

• Oct 11, 2022 - 08:04

Hi, all.
When composing I wish to hear all of the instruments playing a single beat. Basically this is to hear how a chord sounds when I split its notes among the various instruments / parts. To do this I would like to be able to have Musescore play -- and HOLD -- a single beat, just so I can get an impression of the sound is what I want.

Is this possible in Musescore? The idea would be to place the cursor on a single note and hold down a button. While the button is down only a single note is played and held until the button is released. (This would be irrespective of the length of the note.)

Anyhow, is this possible? If not, is it even a feature that has been discussed in the past?

Thanks to everyone for your assistance, and to the people behind Musescore for enriching our lives.

R. Goldrich


I don't know if this exists, but a non-perfect workaround is to use the play panel and set the tempo to a very low value like 1%. One beat per minute might be good enough.

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You're right that this has been discussed, many times over the years. In fact, I remember submitting a feature request for this over ten years ago (https://musescore.org/en/node/9349). And it's not that there hasn't been interest - just not quite enough to motivate anyone to volunteer to design and implement it yet. With playback becoming increasingly important in MuseScore, I would not be surprised to see this finally happen in the not distant future.

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Nice to hear that there has been (is?) interest in this feature! That other notation software has such a feature helps make the case as well. Keeping my fingers crossed for future releases!

Marc, I very much appreciate what you and the rest of the Musescore team have done over the years for amateurs like me -- people who would otherwise be locked-out of using such top-notch software!

Thank you for taking the time to answer.


I came across this thread today while searching for the same capability. I've got a strong music theory background but I'm new at arranging so I'd like to be able to 'linger' on certain notes just to hear how the voicings sound. I, too, had thought of slowing the tempo way down, but what a cumbersome way to go about it! I hope this idea is revisited in future releases.

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