Cresc does not have settings in style window

• Jan 26, 2023 - 10:46
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S4 - Minor

Insert a few cresc dynamics (above the stave, in my case). All share a default height above the stave. Each one can be adjusted separately in the property dialog, but the default desired placement cannot be changed at once, as there is no setting available in the Style window. Changing the settings in the Dynamics section does not apply to cresc text, and there is no option for Dynamic text (as understood, it is formatted differently from standard dynamics).

I submit this as an issue as I could not find any reference to how to do it in MuseScore 4 and I believe the feature is missing completely, yet is equally as important as all other elements.


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Crescendo is a type of hairpin (even when displayed as a line), and there are definitely hairpin style settings. You can also set the style using the Properties window and using the "..." menu.

In the future, please use the Support forum when asking for help using MuseScore.

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Thank you for the reply Marc. I know that the cresc text should be treated as a hairpin, which is why I tried that first, later on, and last before coming here.

However, after my very best (extensive) effort I can definitely confirm that the hairpin style settings from the style menu do not apply to the cresc text on my side, as I have tried it many times, even exiting MuseScore a few times in the process to see if it helps.

I did an extensive search for a solution on the forum as well before I opened the issue, but nothing worked in solving this issue. I could only get the same info as you gave here, which as just mentioned, did not work when using the hairpin style settings. Therefore I have logged the issue as a last step.

Thank you for the info regarding the properties window. I managed to work around the issue by selecting all and then changing the cresc offset from there, but the main issue as I originally posted it still remains - there are style settings for every element in the Format menu > Style window, none which applies to the cresc text. So, if the hairpin style should apply (and it definitely does not), then it is justifiably confirmed as a bug from where I am coming from.

Please check it on your side.

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Indeed a setting for distance abpobe/below is missing for either, but, contrary to hairpins, there's no setting for this in Format > Style

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Ah, I see, indeed these lines don't respond to the hairpin style. When I tested before, I used Properties, and this does work. Not just to set the offset, but to actually set that as the default style via the "..." menu. So, they do seem to have their own style setting, and it seems to be managed separately from hairpins or from text lines. So, what is missing I guess is the entry for it in Format / Style. This Is indeed a bug and thus worth reporting by opening an issue on GitHub, with those details clarified - the fact you can set as style from Properties, but not from Format / Style.