MS 4.0.2

• Mar 14, 2023 - 10:01


The chord symbol above a fretboard diagram cannot be changed by using the appropriate chord symbols from the Master palette (Shift+F9). For example: Some available symbols are a triangle, +, - and a circle, ... When you try to copy and paste such a symbol from the palette to the fretboard title to name the chord, a 'C' chord remains a 'C' chord and is not enhanced by the available symbols (triangle, +, - and a circle, ... ). At least it will not be displayed or printed. I guess this is not an intentional feature.

Please find the attached TriadsINV. The 1st C should be major (triangle), the 2nd minor (minus), the 3rd diminished (circle), and the 4th augmented (+).

Kind regards, Claudio

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You're not supposed to use a palette to create chord symbols, just type then normally. Triangle is entered using "^" or "T", circle with "o".

Palette cell names are entered in the properties for the cell for that you would indeed need to use the Unicode characters. And it probably won't work to use the "Special characters" dialog; you'd need to copy them from another source (eg, the "character map" on Windows).

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