Hide instruments that don't play a section

• May 30, 2023 - 00:33

If an instrument doesn't play a section, I want to hide it within that section. Is there a way to do it? I know there's an option to hide staves with no notes, but that's different. Within a section, every system should include every instrument that plays that section. I don't want to hide ones that happen to have no notes on a particular line. It should only hide ones that don't play that section at all.

Is this possible?


This score for Beethoven's 9th symphony shows what I'm talking about:


Within each movement (or subsection of the last movement), every system includes every instrument, even if an instrument doesn't have any notes on that line. But the set of instruments changes between movements. For example, there are no cellos in the 2nd movement, so that line is omitted. And then the 4th movement brings in the chorus and soloists, which are not shown in any of the earlier movements.

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