• Sep 23, 2023 - 01:03

Doing a brief woodwind quartet exercise for Orchestration classwork, using MuseScore 4.1 (updated).
Entire score going well with 3-4-5 measure systems, looks good UNTIL last two pages.
Very final measure fills the page; I'd fixed on another piece with some work. I haven't done so much on this until I can fix the previous page, 7 measures earlier, where a single measure takes the width of the page.
I have no idea why; I didn't put a system break there. I've tried to adjust the width as per the v4 handbook, and nothing happens.
I won't lose points for it in class, but I hate the way it looks on an otherwise pretty good effort.
At the risk of TMI, I'll upload the piece. mm 65-72 is the problem. Thank you.

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You probably accidentaly added leading space to note of that first huge bar (65).
Select note on second beat, click Properties tab -> Appearance button -> Leading space: you can see "51.64". Click reset (or change it to "0" manually).

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