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• Nov 26, 2023 - 22:56

Can anyone help. I scanned a PDF file to import into MS3. I worked on it for an hour or so. I then upgraded to V4 and opened the same file a few weeks later in V4 and worked on it for a few days whilst keeping it open and saving as I went. Ive been adding and deleting from the file for days.
I tried to open the file today and it wont open in V4, obviously it wont open in V3 either.
I have tried opening the software and File/Open and also double clicking the file.
Is there anyway to recover a corrupt file?

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I don't think so, in this case.
However, I changed the z in the extension to an x and tried to open the file. I got a corrupt file message. I selected the details button and got an error message. You can do this and google the message. Maybe it will help.
Other than that, you might look in your backup folder (in the scores folder) for a saved version. This is an invisible folder. You'll need to Google "how to view hidden folders".
I learned long ago two important things.
1. Never save to the cloud.
2. Always do a "save as" with a new version number after every session with a score. Never just a save.

Your attached score Hey_judeV4.mscz was written and last saved with MuS 3.6.2. And it can be opened in 3.6.2 without any problems.
If you have a problem with the MuS 4 file version, you should attach the version you saved with MuS 4.

After installing MuS 4, double-clicking on the file will always start MuS 4. If you want to open it with MuS3, start MuS 3 and use "Open file" there or drag the file from Windows Explorer into the MuS 3 window or right-click on it and use "Open with" in Explorer. (This applies to Windows - you have not said which operating system you are using)

If you have installed both MuS versions, please note that the scores are stored in different folders by default. It is ".../Documents/MuseScore3/Scores" or ".../Documents/MuseScore4/Scores". If you open a MuS 3 score with MuS 4, always use 'Save As' to save it in the MuS 4 version in ".../Documents/MuseScore4/Scores" so that both file versions are preserved.

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