We Need a "Save As Template" button!

• Nov 26, 2023 - 00:28

I am a wedding band leader and owner of a music school, and I create hundreds of lead sheets for students and band members that all follow a very similar format. It would be incredibly handy to be able to save a template of all the stylistic, spacing, and formatting adjustments I have to make every time I create a new lead sheet.

The current recommended method of creating a template (saving a .mscz file in Documents > MuseScore4 > Templates) does not work. Well, it almost works. The "My Templates" folder appears on the "New Score" screen, but upon opening, the file is blank or has reverted back to the original pre-set template that I adjusted to create the new template.

SO! I would like to request a "Save As Template" button from the amazing tech-savvy coders out there who could create it. And THANK YOU!


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This is what I do in such cases: take my modified file, delete all the notes, chords, etc, change any text to placeholders (“Title”, “composer” …) and generally create my own custom template. I then save it it in a “MyTemplates” folder within the Scores folder, ready for future use.

Why? Saving a score in the templates folder does just that, as far as I can tell.
(but indeed a "Save as template" might use the internal setting invoked by the --template-mode, i.e. drop page size, esp. A4 vs. Letter, that'd be worth a feature request)

Anyway: if your score looses the score's instruments or the scores's style settings (Format> Style) when being used as a template, that's be a bug. Loosing the individual styles of some elements though, is to be expected, as is any content, including images, title, composer etc.

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Another idea for a genuine template: when I choose my own template and save the file that I have created from that template, it would be handy if I get asked for a new file name and destination folder. Otherwise if I don't pay attention and just hit ctrl+s, I overwrite my template.
When I want to revise my template, I would have to intentionally use the 'Save as template' function.

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