Musescore 4.2.0, playback cuts out after editing a note underneath a volta

• Dec 28, 2023 - 20:54

Video showing issue:

As shown in the video @~1:00, anytime a note is edited that is under a volta, all other notes that occur after the former, edited note are secretly and unintentionally muted until toggling the "Play" checkmark off then on underneath the note properties.

System specs are attached in the dxdiag

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I can reproduce this problem with this particular score but not one I create myself. Please report this to the developers by opening an issue on GitHub ( and be sure to ZIp and attach your score there. it will also help to describe more clearly what editing you are doing - and ideally narrow it down to the most minimal steps you can. For example I was able to reproduce an issue by selecting a single note and press the up cursor.

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For me, the "volta" assertion is misleading. I have no voltas.

I do use a Focusrite audio interface unit. The periodic "disconnect" between MuseScore and the Focusrite box seems entirely random - and not associated with any particular type of editing operation. If I bounce (close than open) MuseScore the problem is typically resolved. (Sometimes I don't lose the connection totally, rather the sound is low and growly. This scenario requires bouncing the Focusrite box... or, worse case the PC.)

[Note: Typically, if the audio connection is completely lost, one can bounce the Focusrite unit to solve the problem. However this approach causes MuseScore to immediately close - which may be what is actually solving the "disconnect". The evidence for believing it is the connection - is the fact that the MuseScore Mixer indicates an audible signal is being output. ]

Once the connection is lost to the Focusrite box, in MuseScore, the audio is lost for applications "outside" of MuseScore. (E.g. A random YouTube video.) One must either close MuseScore (or bounce Focusrite). If using an open (Chrome) browser session, a new "tab" is required... an already open tab will not play an audio after closing MuseScore.

The only "pattern" I can ascertain is that when leaving the computer for awhile, SOMETIMES (but not always) the disconnect occurs. The inability to ascertain a consistent reproducible pattern doesn't mean there is not a pattern occurring, just that it is not voltas (uniquely).

FYI - I use the following link for Windows 11 configuration optimization:…

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