Settings Suddenly changed for layout... help!

• Apr 4, 2024 - 19:51

Hi All :).

Musescore 2 on ubuntu (I know, i know). But everything has been great for years.
I've done something which has altered the default page settings. Now any new score, or creating parts of a score, come out looking like a Fischer Price "my-first-score". See the screenshot.
Trouble is I have no idea what I've clicked.

I've overcome it temporarily by opening an existing score and deleting the content to make a new one. But now I've just created parts for a big band and they all look like this. Eek!

I've looked online and found pictures of default page settings (margins & spacing etc). I've applied all the settings I've found, to no avail.

I've set the setting to extremes (small and big) and it's not cured it. So now I need some guidance.

When I did, what ever I did, to make this problem... I wasn't messing with many settings. So it feels like I've tweaked or clicked one thing and its all blown up.

Any ideas or help appreciated. Please advise what I can share to debug.


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Check the settings in Layout -> Page settings. Here especially the page size and the scaling:
And also in Edit -> Preferences. Maybe the file "My_First_Score.mscz" has changed. Try "Start empty" or "Start with new score".
MuseScore2 Preferences.png

Another recommendation: leave MuS 2 and upgrade at least to MuS 3.6.2 (or what ever is available for Ubuntu).

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Have you also changed the start options of the program? So that "My_First_Score.mscz" is no longer loaded?
I prefer the option "'Start empty". Otherwise save a new, correct file e.g. in the template directory and enter it in "Start with Score".

And also check the settings in "Settings -> Score" to see if a style file is entered there. In my case, the field is empty and the score has the correct size. But you can create a sheet by your own with the correct settings and save it by using "Style -> Save style" and enter this file in the style field shown in my picture:
MuseScore2 Preferences_Score .png

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