MuseSounds "Women" Playback Not Working

• Apr 12, 2024 - 01:33

Hi, I scanned the forum and searched google for a bit for someone else with this issue but couldn't find anything. In the attached score (in closed SATB) but also in any other score I open, the "Women" sound does not play back. "Sopranos" works as does "Altos" so I could just use one of those... But I assume using "Women" will be superior as I imagine both "Soprano" and "Alto" sounds will be used depending on range (or perhaps based off of Voice division?).

I've uninstsalled and reinstalled MuseScore 4, Musehub, and the Musesounds pack. Not sure where to go from here. Thanks!

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women sound not working.mscz 22.4 KB


There is no Muse Sounds women font as you can see. So it isn't you or your instillation. There is one in Basic sounds. Seems to be it for now.
BTW reinstall almost never does any good.

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