Custom Fretboard Symbol Palette

• Apr 16, 2024 - 15:24

Is it possible to either create a custom fretboard symbol palette, or modify the default diagrams in the existing palette? For example, an artist I am working on consistently plays a G-major chord with a finger on the third fret of the B string. The default G-major diagram does not have this. So, either I need to always customize it for every song, or a better solution would be to simply change the default G-major diagram in my instance of the program. Similarly, as a result of certain mobility issues, I also use cheater chords because I cannot easily get around the neck of a guitar to form most barre chords. But again all of the defaults, understandably, are barre chords (F, B, Bm, Fm, etc). I imagine I'm not alone in this, and hope someone has a more elegant solution than customizing the chord diagrams in every one of my score.


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I do understand how to customize a fretboard diagram within a score, but there doesn't seem to be a way to save that to the fretboard diagrams palette for use in future scores. If I open a new score, the G-major chord in the fretboard diagrams palette will always have the default construction 2-3-0-0-0-3, whereas I want it to default to 2-3-0-0-3-3. I see there's a way to drag and drop things into the palette and to delete them from the palette, but only from the Master Palette, which it seems cannot be added to and has only the default chord diagrams. I imagine that if I could add to the Master palette the diagrams I'd like to add, I could then drag them to my fretboard diagrams palette and delete the ones I intend to replace.

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Well, I thought this response would be easy ... and then I tried it.

At the bottom of the fretboard diagrams page is a link to Customizing palette contents (…) which has a section on Adding elements from the score ( This section says that you can simply Enable Editing on the palette and then Ctrl+Shift, drag a score element into the palette. This would place that item in that palette permanently (until you explicitly removed it, of course).

The problem is that, when I tried this, with Editing Enabled ... it doesn't work :-(

When I press Ctrl+Shift and try to drag the fretboard diagram, I get the slashed circle (the international "NO" symbol) anywhere I drag it ... including over the fretboard palette.

I tried this with a modified dynamic marker and had exactly the same thing happen.

Can anyone explain why the Handbook appears to be leading us astray here???

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