Copying empty bars with clef and time signature changes

• Apr 22, 2024 - 08:37

Hi, this at least should be a thing that is possible, but for me it isn't. Probably just due to the lack of "know how"... This would be a significant ease to save time, if there are some repetitive parts that still include somehow different music.


Time and key signatures are not copied. You must set them manually.
At least the time signature should be set at the destination before copying the notes.

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Ok, thank you. I did notice that there were some earlier discussions of this topic, I kind of hoped that this issue would have been solved, by some update or something. Seems like not. Most of the music is written or played with only one time signature, but still... even a bit more progressive rock music does quite often some time changes and in some modern genres of classical music it is significant part of it. I wonder... there must be some serious issues with this particular update

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Well, not yet. I've been too busy with all the latest bugs... 😄 I'm not sure if these are only "Apple bugs", but they are annoying. Only one month ago things were just fine. I won't get into any details, but this is mentally challenging, especially because all the deadlines are getting closer 😨

Is the plugin simple to use...?

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